Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Just Like Magic...

I love these carnations that we got from Baker Creek. They are all differently speckled and striped and like little gems among the weeds.

Our first, (and only, so far) pumpkin. So excited for fall...

We have red and yellow onions and although most of them are small, they are determined despite something that has apparently been stomping all over them in the middle of the night.


Here we have the busiest garden bed of them all. Caden's corn has 4 ears and we have already eaten one, and it was delicious. We have the potato grave, which I dug myself and better have a bunch of potatoes down in it.Then there are 2 butternut squash, some pole beans, and the watermelon.

No red tomatoes yet, but they are sure getting big.

I dont know what this is, but its pretty and I have alot of them.

Some surprise dill

Lemon squash

Beautiful Milk Thistle.


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