Thursday, September 8, 2011

Over the River and Through the Woods...

Last weekend, we attended the 3rd Annual Lindsay Family Emerald Forest & Lake Labor Day Extravaganza.

Or for short, the ALFEFLLDA.

Maybe someone should work on that...

A weekend of bug watching and throwing things into a big fire.

And go carts and four wheelers and kubodas oh my.
Praise the Lord for rule-enforcing "safety-first" Papas.

Sunday I got to wake up next to my baby boy

Our tent has a kiddie tent attached and mine love their cave. They all slept great. And except for that one weird noise in the woods, so did I.

But we woke up way too early.
But happy.

And we stepped outside to this. Amazing.

For breakfast we hiked up the hill for pancakes. And played with this icky centipede.
Twin cousins-born on the same day. I just noticed Ethan's hand on Noah's leg. He loves his friends.
After breakfast we got ready for the fashion show/fishing derby.

Contestant #1 enjoys dressing herself, eating all the chocolate for the smores, and using her outside voice.

Contestant #2 likes mid afternoon naps, piggyback rides, and occasional bubble baths.

He also really enjoyed just chilling out in his floaty suit.

And my cousin Alex . These two were attached at the hip (literally) all weekend.
And in the way back of this photo, you can see tent city. The yellow one is ours.

"Who dat?!"

Ethan enjoyed his big boy status all weekend long, running around with the cousins or supervising the go cart repair, he was in heaven.

Charlotte's 437th ride of the weekend.

And at last it was time to head home.
Ah, parting is such sweet sorrow.
(As family pictures go, this one is one of my favs. )

Caden was out before we got off the driveway, Charlotte before we got to the first intersection, and Ethan hung in there until about an hour from home.

All in all, aside from having to go home, we were all pretty happy campers.