Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shake it Like a Polaroid Picture

We just finished Little House in the Big Woods this week. So for the one and only school related endevour this week, since the kids and I were all sick in one way or another, we made butter.
That's right.
Made. Butter.

Ethan was pretty interested and excited to see it happen. Charlotte didn't really care. I was way into it. But I really like butter.
So I got those little cartons of heavy whipping cream at the store. The really tiny ones, since I didn't know if it would actually work. Pour it in a big jar, put a lid on it, and let the kids start shaking. I could have done it all in my mixer, but that would have been too exhausting.
Did I mention Jeremiah went hunting this weekend? Out of town? So I let the kids sleep in my bed for fun. Except it wasnt very fun. I think it would have been ok if Caden had not insisted on getting in too, then woke up every 45 minutes. Or if we had a California King Size bed. Now I know what it's like to be the biggest sardine in the can. Not fun.

So we are tired today.Too tired to get out the mixer.
The kids only shook their jars for about 3 minutes. Then I had to do it, which I really didn't mind since I like butter a whole lot. Actually I only did Ethan's. Charlotte's is still in the fridge waiting it's turn.
And it worked! I made butter! I feel so invincible!
I didn't take a picture of it turning into whipped cream. But there's the butter that we made! Yippee!
Drain the buttermilk, wash it in icy water and drain again, and add a little salt. It tastes really good, really "clean" like I would expect homemade butter to taste.
Now I need to learn how to make bread...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Finally something worthwhile

I finally figured out how to get my camera card reader thingy to work again. Not being able to post pictures has been pretty disappointing.

Also, we've been very busy with school. Ethan is doing very well, even though sometimes he gets a little distracted by you-know-who.

And it finally feels like Fall. We have big plans this weekend :
1.Rake leaves
2.Jump in them
3. Repeat

So get ready to see a whole lot more of these monkeys soon...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dear Zoey (Letter #8)

Dear Zoey,

How are you baby? Its been awhile since I wrote to you. We have been busy here. Our paperwork is all done and is in Ethiopia now. And we are just waiting.
I got to tell someone about you tonight and while it was nice getting to say your name out loud again, it still felt like another tiny pinprick in my heart because the closer we get to you, the farther away we are. The wait just keeps getting longer. Its hard not knowing an exact time frame but these things take time. Lots of time. Thats really the only thing that is guaranteed. But I know you are there and someday you will be here.
You are a part of daily conversation with your brothers and sister. Caden is learning to say your name and everything we do, every gift or activity, Ethan and Charlotte try to make you a part of. They want to save things for you or make a list of what you need. They guess what you like and what you look like and they name their babies after you. When we watch a movie, and the globe pops up at the beginning, they run and point and yell "Thats where Baby Zoey lives!" Caden points and says "Babe!"
I can't imagine what it will be like when I get to finally hold you. How different will it be from holding my other babies for the first time? Will it be just the same?
It is getting colder here.The leaves are changing colors and pumpkins are everywhere.It is my favorite season. I wonder what is going on in your life now.
I love you baby girl. I will see you soon.
love Mommy