Thursday, April 17, 2014

10 Tiny Updates

I cant wait to get out and dig in the dirt. I will be a very happy girl when I dont have to bring plants in and out everyday. We have 80 tomato starts and 22 jalapenos, among others that are itching to spread their roots.

Last year when we got worms for our compost pile, there were 500 and they were about the length of half my pinkie. Most are now regular size worms, but there are a few extra large ones. Its like a treasure hunt when we turn the pile over to see who can find the biggest.

Judah's still sucking his thumb. And Im still letting him. Because it is adorable.

I know its spring when her hair gets curly.

We saw a firetruck.

And had slug races.


Judah's personality is really starting to develop.
Lady is getting big. And I've decided that I like her. In fact, no longer is she "That Dang Dog!" She's quite lovely, as pets go. Except that she has developed a craving for toilet paper that drives me crazy. 

* The Council Meeting went well- they agreed to make up an ordinance and vote on it soon. So that is a good thing- they didn't say no!

* Still waiting on our homestudy. I did get the rough draft today but a couple of things were wrong, so when we get that back, we can be eligible for a referral and start applying for grants.

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