Friday, November 16, 2012

A Little Update

Well, things are starting to ramp up here with the adoption. I finally got around to getting things in order for our Concurrent Family Building Plan- the stack of paperwork you have to do if you decide you want to add another child by birth or adoption at the same time you are already adopting. A stack of paper and about $625 come to find out. Adoption is so much fun! Yea.
It feels like the wheels on this machine are slowly starting to grind again, like a little spark, a tiny candle lighting in my heart. If all goes as planned (ha!) this time next year we could be intimately studying the face of our 2nd daughter and planning to meet her. I am starting to feel like jumping up and down inside again at the prospect.
In other news, 4 kids is really feeling like A LOT compared to 3. Its like herding cats most of the time around here but I love it. Im both terrifically excited and terribly petrified to add another one in to the mix and yet I still want more. I must be losing my mind.
Also, Judah is rolling over, from stomach to back. And he sucks his thumb! Im so happy. It took me four to get a thumb sucker, and boy is he a cute one. And he's a snuggler to boot.
Ethan is doing so well in school. He is reading! Its such a neat feeling watching him sound out the words and know how proud he is of himself. Its almost magical to see him unlock this world of words that we live in. Im so proud of him.
Charlotte... well good grief. That girl is a little firecracker. She turns 5 next week. How crazy is that? She is a just a blur all day long. Always running running running. Or climbing the walls, literally. Or jumping off something. But I love her.
Caden is getting tall and talking so well. He is very cunning. He and Ethan have their own soundtrack all day long of car noises and lasers and rockets exploding and horrible crashing sounds all. day. long. Do all boys do that?
Its busy and its crazy and sometimes I forget to make lunch or I cant remember where my phone is when Im holding it but I love it.
And I just got a new camera ( again- what is it with me and cameras?) I will (try) to get back to posting photos of the craziness more often. That is, if I can get to bed at a decent hour- like 9:30.
I am so old.