Monday, June 6, 2011

Dear Zoey, (Letter #6)

Dear Zoey,

It is summer here, Six months since I wrote you first. And six months that we've been waiting on Daddy's work for one little piece of paper that is the only thing that now keeps this thing on hold.
I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that your birthmommy handed you over to me. You were so tiny. The next day we heard that the paper was ready, but it still hasn't made it home yet. I wonder why and try to be patient and not nag your daddy about it. But it is hard. I want you here.
It is hot here finally. It seems like the tail of winter lingered forever and now it is sunny all the time and sticky.

Daddy and I went on a date this weekend. Charlotte thought we were going to Africa. She asks about you every single day.

"When is baby Zoey going to get here?"
"It's taking a long time. Why is it taking a long time?"

Always the same answer to both questions; "I don't know."

Just now Charlotte is waking up and sits on my lap while I write to you. I ask her if she wants to say anything to you.
"I love her- can you say that to her?"

So do I baby girl,

xoxo Mommy

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