Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dear Zoey,

I wanted to start a journal for you. I should have done it months ago. You will soon find that I am a procrastinator, and a very good one at that.
This way I can add pictures and pretend that you can see them, wherever you are.
And while I'm at it, I will pretend that it's just you and me-writing and reading, as if you can read right now, English, or anything for that matter.
So here is my first letter to you.

Dear Zoey,
This is a new year for you baby girl! I wish I knew what you look like. I wish I knew where you are, and how it will be that you will end up here with us. I am trying to be patient and not rush your daddy with the paperwork, but my heart feels like hummingbirds have taken over and I just want to go to Africa and find you now. It feels like there is someone missing in this family and I don't like it. I know that the Lord patterns our steps, but sometimes it is so hard to hear about how 'it's all in God's timing' because I don't always want God's timing, I want mine, and I want it right now...although I know that is true.
I hope you like us. We sure like you a whole lot. We have been praying that God will whisper to you that we love you and we are coming for you. We pray for you all the time. We talk about you every single day. Ethan, your big brother, wants all your friends in the orphanage to have families too, and he's always making some little drawings or papers to sell to make money for them. Charlotte cannot wait to have a sister. She names her babies after you and talks about all the fun things she wants to do with you- like share her bed and teach you to make cookies and get you a pretty carseat so you can sit next to her in the car.She's very concerned that you don't have anything to call your own so she's ready to share her blankets, babies, and shoes with you.
Caden is a little indifferent now, but he will love you, I know it. He will enjoy having someone to pick on and tattle on, but it's ok because he really is a softie and loves everyone.
Just a warning, we are not rich or famous. Sometimes you might hear the name "Angelina" thrown around in the orphanage, so don't be dissappointed when you show up and you have to share a room with someone. Or when you see that we only have one bathroom. We have a lot of love, and so far, everything else seems to be working out just fine.

There are alot of other people here who can't wait to meet you. You are going to be somewhat of a celebrity yourself, at least at church. It's amazing to see all the love for you that our friends and family have. I can't wait to show you off!
Only the Lord knows what this year will bring. I hope and pray that you will be able to come home before the year is done. I pray for your birthmommy all the time. She is a pretty special lady, and we won't let you forget her.
Although I don't know where you are or who you are, I have a picture of you in my mind, and you are beautiful. You are my daughter and I love you.

Love and hugs,

see how loveable we are?
(don't worry, we don't actually look like this)

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