Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bake Sale and Updates...

You would think that after a week off from blogging, a whole week void of the tiresome activity of racking my brain hoping something astounding and prophetic and witty would compose itself onto the screen in front of all of you, you would think that I would be refreshed and raring to go this week. But alas, I am just plain worn out.
I think that the excitement of the giveaway and the busy weekend baking and taste testing (hey, it happened ok?) and visiting with friends and family, and packing shoeboxes with a myriad of loud tiny people in Mission Friends, just got to me and boy am I tired.
I still can't believe all the yummy goodies that were donated-4 long church tables full, and I mean full. And in only about 30 minutes, the Lord brought us $722 from a gym full of dear sweet church friends and family.
I knew Baptists loved desserts, but my goodness!
So we now have more than enough money to send in our USCIS payment, and Im not sure exactly when we should do that. I will ask our Homestudy Coordinator when we meet with her.
Our next goal will be our Dossier Submission fee, which is less than I thought it was. We will need about $6700 when we send our entire Dossier to Ethiopia, and from this last week we have $618 already towards that.
Praise God!

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  1. How excellent!!! What a beautiful story you're recording to show a tangible way God has been faithful to you!