Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Winners!!

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Total Raised: $501.00
* * * * * * *
Total # of Individual Entrants: 23

"Special Awards":

The Most Entries by a Single Person Award goes to: Queen E!

The Coolest Entrant Name Award goes to: Joey @Big Teeth and Clouds!

The Farthest Entrant Award goes to : Heather, Rick, and Tendai in Mozambique!

The Macho Man Award goes to Caleb, for being the only male to enter. Good for you Caleb!

Now onto the Winners of Actual Prizes...

I got all the entries for posting for Katie, and Carmen- I got your entry too)

1. SleepyWrap: Heather, Rick, & Tendai!

2. $56 gift certificate to Baby Be Blessed: Amy (Missional Mama)!

3. Love Africa Necklace by JunkPosse: Caleb!

4. Heart for Africa Necklace by The Vintage Pearl: Alyssa!

5. Blog Design and Magnet by Adopt Africa: Rebekah Joy!

6. 11x14 "Good News" Canvas by Ahni Art: Queen E!

7. Ethiopian Tutu from 2000 Tutus, bows, and ornaments: Amy(Missional Mama)!

8. Notecards and Small Childs Shirt from Go. Seek. Love: Amy (4 Blessings)!

9.All you need is love bracelet from SosoBellatoo: Amy McMichael!

10. Womens Lifesong Shirt and Listening is an Act of Love: Hannah Lea!

11. Serve One Another Cookbook from Wiphan: Lucy!

12. Joshua 24:15 Amharic Art and Photo from The Canvas Heart: Queen E!

13. Ugandan Bead Necklaces:
1.Hannah Lea!
2. Crystal!
3. Laura Shah!
4. Abi@ Genuine Phrases!

14. Ordinary Hero Childs Shirt and Bottlecap Necklace from Goody 2-Shoes: Rebecca C!

15. Ethiopian Themed Cards, Bottlecap Necklace, and Button: Crystal!

16.Lucky Baby Sling: Sarah!

17. Gautraud Family Tshirt, Bottlecap Necklace, and Button: Ashley!

18. The Connected Child from Focus on the Family: Julie Spiwak!

19. Africa Coffee Cuff, Seed Bead Bracelets, and Tasfa+Hope Bracelet:Crystal!

20. Made in Ethiopia Child's shirt and Tasfa bracelet: Heather, Rick, & Tendai!

21. Thank You Cards and Love Magnets from LoveLetters2Ethiopia:
1. Danielle!
2. Amy McMichael!

22. Women's Project Hopeful Tee, Mens Feed1 Tee, and Ugandan Necklace from 147 Million Orphans: Crystal!

23. Love Deeply Necklace by SweetTeaShoppe: Kelly!

24. Ordinary Hero Adult Shirt and Tasfa= Hope bracelet: Lucy!

25. 16x20 Wrapped Canvas, Notecard Set, and Plaque from Show Off's Art: Crystal Wheeler!

26. Hat from AfricaBoundAndrews, Ugandan Bead Necklace, and Owl Pouch by IsabellaKaitlyn:Rebekah Joy!


  1. Yay! Thank you!!!

  2. Very cool, my daughter and I were already dreaming over the dolls we could pick this morning. Thank you!

    We could possibly win second farthest away as we live in Bolivia. :)

    Praying for your needs to be met,
    Amy @ Missional Mama

  3. so exciting! Thanks so much. Glad this was successful for you. ;)

  4. Yes!!! I'm so excited!! Thanks so much!

  5. OH ha ha.. this is too funny. We are missionaries in Mozambique... and our little girl is mozambiquan.... hee hee.. will be kinda funny to see her in a "made in ethiopia" shirt.. tee hee!!! Loving the baby wrap though.. my sister is prego and that will make a great gift!!! (Tendai is a bit too old for a wrap) Glad you were able to raise some funds, :) Blessings on you guys as you continue on your adoption journey- hope to see you at our site sometime! (p.s..... i think missional mama actually wins the award at this point.. only cus although we are NORMALLY in Mozambique, we are on furlough right now and are in Canada)

  6. how do you want us to go about getting our addresses to you and such?