Thursday, September 23, 2010

Meet Me in St. Louis :Day 3

Making waffles.

Getting pumped about going to Grant's Farm!

Sunday was a little dreary. It rained all night and we made plans to go to the Aquarium. But they fell through, so we decided on Grant's Farm instead.

This view reminds me of Pride and Prejudice.

On the tour.

Don't remember what I was saying here.
I seem pretty animated.
Oh the waiting!
Man I wish I could go...

They made me put their seatbelts on.
This is a great picture. They let them get off and pick another animal for round 2.
Did you know turtles are my favorite animals?
They are.
Teeny tiny ones and great big ones especially.

Caden loves horses, it turns out.
Ethan thinks it's so cool that he had a "Tiger's Blood" Snowcone.

Jessie the small horse.

Who knows.

Mom close your eyes...

Ethan, Charlotte, Caden, and Zoey.

I love it when he does this.

Sad lonely elephant. He just stood there staring at the empty bleachers, waiting for them all to come back and watch him.
I will give $10 to the first person who finds Charlotte in this picture.
Ahaha. No I won't.
3 out of 4 is a miracle with these monkeys

Everybody smile!
Thanks for traveling with us!


  1. Looked like a really fun trip. Is Zoey really the name of the little girl you are waiting for?

  2. its the name we have given her. we still don't know who she is yet.
    Zoey (or Zoe) means Life, so its pretty appropriate we think.

  3. I saw charlotte first!!!! you can mail me a check!!!! oh you were just kidding? NO WAY!!!