Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meet Me in St. Louis :Day 2


The seals there weren't as lively as they are here.

Red Panda

New shades!


Flamingos and Ducks

Not so sure about those little guys in tuxes.

7 seconds before I became World's Worst Mother...

3 Seconds.

Yep. It happened.
Didn't think he was going to remember his name for a minute, but I think he's ok.

This bear dreams of running away and joining the circus. He was about to do a backwards double somersault right off the little cliff there.

By the way, I wonder what circus people run away to become?

Not. Happy.

This bird was born in the Ugly Tree.


Just a normal nap, not a concussion nap.

These were beautiful.

Look at its knees! Amazing.

Normal nap still.

My favorite part of the zoo. These giraffes were humongous! Especially this dark one.

A baby!

Does anyone remember in Jurassic Park when that computer guy (thats also on Seinfeld) gets lost and is surrounded by those little velociraptor things? The ostrich kept pacing back and forth in front of us and would pop its head over that rock and stare at us. I felt like that guy just before he got eaten.

She (He?) was making a big nest, which was my 2nd favorite thing to see.

3rd favorite.
Not gonna lie.

Can I get a price check? This barcode's not scanning.

Don't worry. I told him to do this.

Becky took these two into the Herpetology Center while the rest of us rested outside.




I love this picture.

Liz this is for you. They were huge!

Big ol' nest.

See- he's ok.

After we got back and rested awhile, we took a walk

to the candy store and the park.

Then it was time for dinner and bed.

Tomorrow: Grant's Farm!

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