Friday, September 24, 2010

Why Wouldn't We?

I found this video on another blog and I really like it (well,ok, I like alot of adoption videos).
For a couple of weeks before we started talking about adoption, before it was even on our radar, I would be sitting in the same room with all 3 of our kids, and feel like not all of them were there. I could see them. I would count them. But I felt like one of them was missing. I couldn't understand it.
Until The Lord laid adoption on our hearts. Then I realized that one of my children is missing. I know where she is, I just don't know who she is. Isn't that weird. Are you thinking that's a little crazy?
(That's ok if you are. I still love you.)

So it turns out I'm not crazy. (Or maybe I'm just not alone. haha)

I am going to be bold today and just flat out ask you (yes Y-O-U):

**Why Wouldn't You Adopt?**

Really, really think about that. And be honest with yourself.

Because your answer has the potential
to change the life of one of the

147 MILLION children without

a mommy to kiss them goodnight
a daddy to protect them
a bed to sleep in
a favorite toy to snuggle with
enough food to eat
clean water to drink
a birthday to celebrate
someone to say 'I love you.'
proper medical care
a home
a family
a hope
a future.

I've heard it said that the death of one child is a tragedy.
But the death of millions is a statistic.

So you are old.
Better old parents than no parents.

So you can't afford it.
We can't either. But God can.

So it's not a good time/you are SO busy.
Really? Really?

So you have little kids/too many kids/older kids.
Great- siblings are a good thing!

So you don't have any kids.
Great- lots of one-on-one time!

So no one else you know is doing it.
You know us.There are lots of families doing it
and you could spark a revolution!

So they may not look like you.

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind and love your neighbor as yourself."
Luke 10:27

Do you love the Lord?
Do you believe you have been adopted as His son (or daughter) and heir?
Do you believe that He loved you so much that He died to rescue you and call you His own?
Do you believe that He loves all His children, no matter where and who they are?
Do you love yourself so much that you would do anything- risk looking foolish, risk making people(or yourself) uncomfortable, risk losing everything you own to spare you own life?

Then why wouldn't you do the same for someone else?
Because Jesus did all that for us, and much, much more.

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