Monday, September 20, 2010

Meet Me in St.Louis :Day One

Aside from like indoor plumbing, fingernail polish remover, and Cherry Limeades, I think Lunchables are the best things ever made.
Just kidding. Stopped for lunch and exercise.

I love Becky and Dave's apartment. Of course, we had to teach them a little lesson in babyproofing. We had only been there 30 minutes or so and this guy broke a framed glass painting and ate cat food.
They just need to have a baby so they can learn about this stuff. BECKY.
The Magic House Children's Museum, which we adults thought was pretty cool too. This thing played a song if you spun it and hit the tubes with a bar.

Making algae water or something.

Look mama- CANDY!!!

Not ideal, but they were both smiling.

I want one of these.
oh! haha I did not even realize Dave and Ethan were in this picture until right now! I was just walking around and took this and I didn't even see them.


Join in tomorrow for Part 2: The Zoo!

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