Monday, August 23, 2010

State Fair Pt 2

Here we go with part 2 of our grand adventure...

Monkey see..

Monkey do!

Footprints in the Sand.

Have you ever read that poem?
Kinda sad.

Turkey feet.

There. Now everytime you see that poem on a cute little bookmark with that sweet little set of footprints alongside the ocean, you will think of turkey footprints and it won't make you sad.
Hey, Jesus loves Turkeys too.
You can thank me later, when you are not sad because you are happy thinking about Turkey feet.
Things I Love About This Picture:
A. Alyssa's expression- "Typical Boy" she must have been thinking, because Ethan had just said, "Hey Aunt Alyssa, I just tootered!" I bet her girls never say stuff like that.
2.Olivia whacking her dear little sister in the face
3. Drue whispering some sweet nothing into Matthew's ear
4.Charlotte still has her kid leash on. No kidding- those things are great, and the kids love them. Win-win.
See? who doesn't love being strapped to a stuffed animal?
No one.

Peek a boo.

I see you.

So I went to sit down on one of the benches and rest a minute and wait for everyone to catch up.
And I saw this creepy guy staring at me, trying to be all non-chalant and stealth.
Just all like, "Oh, hmm, I'll just rest my hand here and hmm, I'll just put the other one...oh casually here at my side. Maybe she won't notice me."
He was looking directly at me. You can't tell in the picture, but he was. It was just weird.
Oh to be a baby again...

Look at this handsome fella. He's ready for work.

This boot was made for ridin'
and that's just what it'll do
one of these days this boot is gonna ride right over you.

Here's a little brain teaser to be thinking about for tomorrow. If anyone guesses it, I will give you a special prize.

Not really. But you will feel smart.

What kind of shoe is in the above picture?

And don't say boot.
Yes, technically, it is a boot. But that's not the answer. Use your noodle...


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  2. Ok... was the creepster a manequine? I mean... I'm pretty sure... so I kind of feel dumb for asking... but it's been bugging me... so.. he, was, right?