Monday, August 23, 2010

State Fair Part 1

On Thursday the Brickers went to the Fair.
2 double strollers and 2 kid leashes seemed sufficient enough to wrangle the little monkeys in. I thought we had alot of kids, but then I saw a group of 2 moms and 13 kids.
Mad golf skilz right there.
Me: "Hey Ethan, look at that big radio over there!"
Ethan: "Where?"
Me:(Pointing) "Right there!"
Ethan: (Intently searching in the right direction)"Hmmm...Where?"
Me:"Never mind..."
What is the matter with kids these days? If it was a giant ipod, he would see it, or a cell phone.
There was a man there who is like, the strongest man in America or something. He bent all these things. He also pulled a train and a semi truck with his mouth. (Not at the same time) Which got me thinking- I wonder how many diapers he's ever changed?
"Honey, will you please change little Joey's diaper for me while I cook dinner?"
"Aw honey doodles, I would, you know I would, but man, I just pulled a whole train today and I'm just plumb tuckered out! You understand, right schnukums?"
I wonder the kind of things he gets out of.
"Sweetie Pie, I just can't take out the trash tonight, My arm is just so sore from bending crowbars all day. Could you do it for me? And while you're at it, could you bring me the remote and a pillow?"
Baby Ellie makes an appearance.

Why is it that with all the cool barnyard animals, the kids are the most excited about the cats?
Yikes. Poor Mama.
"Are ya achin'? yep yep yep
For some bacon? yep yep yep
He's a big pig! yep yep
You can be a big pig too! Oi!
25 bonus points if you can name that movie...
I have a shirt that looks just like this.
What a cutie. I felt like I was at a used car lot as persistent as the young lady who owned this rabbit was about naming off its finer qualities. She was just a hare too annoying for me.

Bug bites.
I know you were wondering.
Watching the jumping and swimming dog show.
I'm sure it has a more catchy name, but it is pretty fun to watch.

Liz said, "Jessie!Jessie! Here!"
I thought she wanted me to take a picture of how cute and snuggly Caden was being.
But really, she wanted me to take him because he was pulling out her hair.
First, butter the fries.
If a knife doesn't quite do the job, just dip the whole thing right in the tub.
Then, dip it into the barbeque sauce.
And enjoy!
Or you could just lick the butter right out of the tub.

There are so many things I could say about this picture...
And tune in tomorrow, when we find out who needed a nap the most...


  1. Oh my gosh... the leash picture! You are so ornery!!

  2. we laughed and laughed about the so many things I could say picture. You are hilarious!