Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Have an Idea...

I've been going over all the paperwork for our home study and dossier package that we will need to complete, send off for, get notarized, wait for, etc and it's a ton. Like alot alot. I've been printing them off my email attachments so much I need to go get more ink.

So I've been thinking, while we are doing all of that, maybe everyone could pick a category and pray for it? So if we have one or two (or three or four) people praying for each part, that would be super helpful and encouraging! And you would get to see the results of your dedication! Yay! Win-win.
So here is the line up. I will list each thing and then some specific requests after.
Thanks so much!
Oh- and if you want to, leave a comment and let me know which part(s) you are praying for. That would be neat to see.

Dossier (overall) :
* For it to be completed quickly (timeline they gave us is 4-6 months to gather and send in everything)
*For documents to be easily obtainable
*For each document to be safely guided to where it needs to go
*For the importance of each document's quick return to be impressed upon the person/office who is in charge of it

Dossier ( specific) :

* Safety of our Caseworker Nikki in traveling to meet with us
*Overall feeling of peace and familiarity between Nikki and us
*Cooperative children during visits :)
*Favorable Findings on each of the 3 visits

Application Letter:
(This will go to the Ethiopian Government requesting permission to adopt a child from there.)
* That I would be able to articulate why we want to adopt from Ethiopia, and our capabilities to parent an adopted child
*Favor with the officials who read it

Parents' Birth Certificates and Marriage Certificate:
*Easy to order
* Quick to recieve

Parent's Physical Exam Forms:
*Fast scheduling of exams
*Ability of the doctors to perform the exams to our Agency's approval
*Favorable findings

Proof of Medical and Life Insurance:
*Easy to obtain
*Quick to recieve

Employment/Non-Employment Letters:
*For the importance of this letter to be impressed upon Jeremiah's Boss, and that he would take care in filling it out to our Agency's approval
* For me to be able to clearly state why I am unemployed and why Jeremiah's income is sufficient for us to live on

3 Letters of Reference:
*Our ability to choose wisely who we ask to write these ( they can be anyone)
* For these 3 to write honestly their feelings about us as parents and family, with no feelings of pressure or stress

Police Reports:
*Easy to obtain
*Favorable findings
*not that I'm worried :)

Power of Attorney:
(This is for our Agency's Ethiopian Representative to be able to represent us in the courts over there)
* To be able to do so in an honest, wise, and Godly manner
*His/her safety in travel
*Favor with officials there

*Quick and easy to obtain

1-71H or 1-797C:
( This is the crucial document- it allows us to be able to bring a foreign child into the US as a US citizen)
* Smooth process in obtaining
*$670 Application fee
*Quick Approval

Dossier Cover Letter:
*To be able to get State Certified with little-no hassle


(We will need to get everything notarized)
* That we would be able to find them easily and when we need them
*For the ability to correctly do their duties

(Garage Sale #3, Mumfest, Kickball Tournaments, etc)
* That funds would be raised quickly and as needed
*That people would be drawn to us and have a peace about spending their money with us, that they would be able to trust us to be good stewards
*That people would come who have a heart for adoption, Africa, children, etc
* Good weather

(We will be able to apply for these as soon as our homestudy is done)
* That we would be able to find which ones are appropriate for us and are legitimate
* That each organization would be in prayer about the applicants and be discerning about who they approve ( even if it's not us)
* That for each one we do not receive, we would still be praising God for His faithfulness and that another family will be blessed through their approval

For us, as a family:
* That we would trust in the Lord throughout the whole process and be content to wait on His timing, not our own, for patience and peace of mind
*For Ethan and Charlotte to appropriately grow in their understanding of our adoption and that we would be able to give them a clear picture of God's love through this.
*That we would be uplifted every day and not get discouraged by the amount needed, or due dates, etc

For our baby:
*That she would be safe and healthy
* That she would be surrounded by people that love her and want to take care of her

For her mother and father/siblings(if she is a Social Orphan):
*For their salvation
*That whatever situation they are in that would make it so they can't keep her, that they would have a peace about giving her up for a better life and be confident that we will give her that
*For their health and safety
*To be able to meet with us while we are there
*For safety in traveling to court, and that they would be able to go and that it wouldn't be a financial burden for them
*That they would be able to let her go knowing that we will raise her to know and love Christ, and treat her as if she were our biological daughter


  1. Great prayer requests Jessie! I will definitely keep these in my prayers- especially the application letter though. :)
    Loves! -Abi

  2. Hello
    I stumbled across your blog. My husband and I just applied to adopt from Ethiopia with American World Adoption. We are hoping to hear some time next week if they accept us.

    I just wanted you to know I will be praying for your fundraising. We too will be fundraising.

    Please stop by my blog when you get a moment

    Blessings to you and your family

  3. Okay, I will be praying ovet the whole process but will specifically pray for the overall dossier and for the home visits. How exciting to have some specific direction and purpose as I pray about the adoption process. It goes without saying, even though I will say it, that I will most definitely continue to pray for this grandaughter God is to bless us with!

  4. I'll talk to God about: 1-71h and 1-797C... and the grants/fund raising.

    Happy to get to labor with you in this!

  5. I want to pray specifcally for your homestudy and for the Power of Attorney.

  6. I will be praying for the Employment/Non Employment Letters and the Application Letter.
    aka.Aunt Bekah Boo

  7. What a great idea!!! I will especially be praying for your daughter and for her birth family.