Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Good Day...

Today has been a good day. I got up early (ok, earlier...) and actually made breakfast. Myself. Without pouring anything into a bowl.Which, for me, is kind of on the same level with Jesus feeding the 5,ooo. Miracle-ly speaking of course.
Jeremiah worked on the excavation with Ethan, although I'm pretty sure real paleontologists don't use screwdrivers. They are making some good headway though.
I think we are all suffering from cabin fever. This cold weather is driving us crazy. I think we are going to order some things for the garden this week and maybe start some flowers indoors for the kids. I think that will help.
Hey- why are most earthworms fat?
Because the live a sedimentary lifestyle! hahaha.
Oh boy see what I mean?

If you are wondering about the living room, the wallpaper is off and the holes are being filled this weekend and then we will start painting, so whenever that happens, everyone is welcome to come over and help.
Until then, or tomorrow, have a great day!

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