Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"I'm an Archeologist" (take 1)

I always wanted to be an archeologist, more than I wanted to be a photographer or anything else that I was interested in. And even though that didn't pan out, a little spark of that quest for adventure and mystery still must reside somewhere deep inside because I got really excited when I saw this kit at the store, and so being the great mom I am, I gave it to Ethan at his birthday party.

Inside this plaster rock is a stegasaurus just waiting to be dug out and put together. Ethan took this picture- he wanted you all to know that.

We've been at it for 3 days.Look at that determination!

And consternation!

Ahh! A dimple!!

Ethan contemplated just karate-chopping the thing in half. But patience is a virtue, and since I don't seem to have any, it is his cross to bear.

Poor kid. At the rate we're going, it may very well be May before we get it done.

This thing is actually for ages 8 and above, but he's having a good time anyway. I think I will definitely have to get some more when we start school, and build a lesson around it. But right now, we are both just having fun being archeologists.


I realized this morning at 4:15 while trying to will Caden to sleep that 'Paleontologist' is probably the better word,as digging up dinosaurs is what Paleontologists do. Funny how my brain is somewhat clearer in the wee hours of the morning than in the afternoon.

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  1. I love Ethan's shirt!!!! I was dissapointed that I forgot to look at your newly pierced ears on Sunday at the party. sarah