Monday, October 5, 2009

Mums the Word

Man, this family make some cute kids...

Earlier this week, we all went to the Mumfest in Lone Jack. Again, it was a beautiful day. I love this fall weather.

The Blue and Gray Pickers were there, and they were awesome! I just love that kind of music.


Do you see that?

That-right there.

Somebody stop him-He's growing up!!

NO, Ethan, NO!

He got on that horse like it was nothin'.

Just one more thing to practice leaving me with.

Then it was Olivia's turn and everyone cheered her on.

The mums are really pretty. Its hard to say why I don't like them more...

Look how far apart these haybales are. And yet she got stuck.

This girl can fall from a sitting position on the floor. Seriously, I've seen her do it.

* * *

And this store called Homeplace Furniture had no business being there when I had no money. I'm pretty sure I broke a commandment over this table.

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