Monday, October 5, 2009

Wild Things

We went to the zoo this weekend while Jeremiah was out of town. My mom's company was having a picnic there. The weather was beautiful. I hope everyone was able to enjoy it.

The seals have always been my favorite part.


I tried to get a picture of Charlotte feeding these deer, but she took all the food and threw it at them before I could turn my camera on.

I seriously think this was Ethan's favorite thing.


They have added some cool new features, like a pedal tractor pad and new play areas.

This ended in tears.

Then this beauty showed up. Last time we went to the zoo, Charlotte flipped out when a sheep came around the stroller, and I tried to get this one to come over for a little re-enactment, but she was having none of that. (I know- I'm so baaad.) But it would have been a great picture.

When they are asleep, they just look like big soft warm kitties...

And then there was this character. Behold the fearsome Gorilla.

Taking a nap.

Wrapped in a blanket.

Hmmm. Kind of reminds me of someone...

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