Friday, February 15, 2013

Conversations with Caden: The Dollar

Caden pulled  a whole dollar out of his pocket this morning...

Me: "Where did you get that dollar?"
Caden: " It was just in my pocket."
Me: "Yeah I know, how did it get in your pocket? Where did it come from?"
Caden:" Um...the front door was open and the wind blew in and it just flew in my pocket!"
Me. "Are you sure?"
Caden: "Um... Yeah it just flew in my pocket and it just got in there. I didn't know it was in my pocket."
Me: " Hmm... Was that the dollar I put in daddy's chair for him? The one I found in his laundry?"
Caden: " I just found it in my pocket..."
Me:" Are you sure it isn't daddy's dollar?"
Caden:" I will give it to daddy ok?"

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