Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's all downhill from here..

Well, the countdown is on. 
4 weeks, 2 days until my due date, 2 days until Judah is technically full term, and I am so ready.

Here's why:

A. Nesting is for the birds...
I am a compulsive list maker. I made this huge list of things that I wanted to get done before he is born, and I have been really good about doing those things.
But really- clean the oven? I have cleaned the oven exactly one time in the nearly 8 years I have been an oven-owner, and technically, I gave up halfway through it because I got bored.
And I didn't even feel bad about it.
What is it about giving birth that makes me think I need to do some of this stuff?
 Organize the junk drawer? Condense and re-label all the spices in my kitchen into pretty little jars? Dust? I hate dusting. Its the whole reason I never do it.
Another thing is uploading all the photos from their memory cards. I have 4 cards. You dont even want to know how far back these babies go. But for conversation's sake, here is just one example of my procrastination:


B. Sonic ice is like crack to pregnant women.

The number of cups of ice I eat a week seems to be directly proportionate to the number of weeks pregnant I am. What is in their water? It's all I want day and night. It's fantastic.

C. I'm starting to waddle.

D. I am outgrowing my maternity clothes.

It's pretty depressing when you have to get bigger fat pants.

{ I'm really not complaining. I love being pregnant.}

Stay tuned for fun photos of all the cute new baby stuff that is waiting on the little man's arrival...

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  1. Haha... this is great! Makes me miss being pregnant! :)