Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Believe I Can Fly...

I finally did it.

After nearly 30 years on this planet, I have finally recreated my mom's cinnamon rolls.

I feel like I can do anything.

I can touch the sky.

And I don't think 3 cups of icing is too much for 10 rolls.


That is like saying, "My husband is too handsome" or "My kids are too well-behaved"

or Heaven forbid-

"There is too much bacon on this table."

Too much of a good thing? That only applies to... well certainly not icing. Or bacon.

This was the second pan and really, I contemplated just staring at it and swatting any hands that got too close. Maybe framing it and putting it up on the living room wall?

Yeah, I'm pretty proud of myself.

I can tell it's going to be a great year. Full of all kinds of possibilities.

And cinnamon rolls.

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