Wednesday, January 18, 2012

As Promised

I told you all last week that I had some news to share.

I wont get into specifics here, but I will tell you that we are going to have a baby! Very much a surprise, and very exciting for all of us as we wait for Zoey to come home.

As we understand it, because of God's amazing timing, this pregnancy won't affect the adoption process at all.

I can't believe I'm going to have 5 kids! And there is the possibility that Zoey and this baby could be so close in age as to be like having twins. That would be pretty crazy.

No other updates about Ethiopia adoptions lately. It is still very slow. There have been a few referrals for baby girls for our agency recently, so that is encouraging. One was for a 3 month old!

We know God has a plan and is working it out. We are not discouraged. We trust in Him and can't wait to see, when this is all done, what He was doing all this time.

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  1. I asked Caden about his baby brother today and he told me his name is Baby Judah, so cute to hear him say it!