Monday, June 27, 2011

My ABC's

I saw this somewhere, and it looked like fun!

A, AGE, 28

B, Bed Size, Queen

C,Chore you hate, dishes and taking out the trash

D, Dog, not yet, but 2 turtles

E, Essential start to your day, being woken up by a 3 year old saying"Mommy will you go potty with me?"

F, favorite color, Greenish Blue

G, Gold or Silver, Silver

H, Height, 5' 3

I, Instrument you play , none currently but I used to play trumpet in the school band

J, Job Title, Wife and Mommy

K, Kids, Ethan. Charlotte, Caden, and Zoey

L. Live, In Missouri

M, Mothers name, Pam

N, Nicknames, Jessie, Juice,Babe, Mama, Mommy, Hey Mom

O, Overnight Hospital Stays. 3 kids, multiple stays for Pneumonia and Bronchitis as a kid

P, Pet peeve , Lying

Q, Quote from a movie ""Count on it, Pee-drinking Crap face!" from the Sandlot. I know it's totally gross, but I crack up everytime that part comes on.

R, Right or left handed, Right

S, Siblings, Becky , Bro in law Dave, and Danny. Jennifer and Sarah, Bros in law Tony and Tim. Josiah, Sis in law Sarah Jill, Ben, Sis in Law Alyssa, Caleb, Matthew, Very Soon to Be Sis in Law Joanna, Simeon, Rebekah, and Abigail.

T, Time you wake up, 8-8:30ish

U, Umbrella?? No, too much else to carry

V, Vegetables you dislike, Green Beans

W, What makes you run late?

X, X- rays you've had. Besides Ultrasounds, I dont think any

Y, Yummy foods you make, Yes, Virginia, there is a great Meatloaf, Sugar cookies

Z, Zoo, favorite animal, The Seals

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