Thursday, June 23, 2011

7 years

We just celebrated our 7th anniversary last weekend...
with far less fanfare than that blessed day oh so long ago...

We ate at Siki and had our eyebrows nearly burnt off with the flaming onion volcano.
Then we smelled all the candles in the Yankee Candle Store. I think my favorite was the Lemonade one, but I didn't like God Bless America. I just don't think America smells like strawberries. At least not where we live. Cows maybe, or Sonic Onion Rings, but not strawberries.

(My mom made that dress.)
oh, the butterflies!

This picture cracks me up. What was I thinking?
I think maybe he was saying his vows.

Totally posed.
This was the cake of my dreams. Just like I wanted it.

My dad is so funny

We were so young! What were we thinking?!
Charlotte will not be getting married this young.
Maybe, MAYBE when she is like 30. We'll see.

But we still got it, is all I can say. Not too shabby looking, are we?

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