Monday, May 23, 2011

What Hope Does

Hope looks at a little girl and does not see it's reflection in her eyes.
But it keeps looking anyway because she is beautiful.
Hope says she is not a burden, not unworthy, not unloveable.
Hope says she wont amount to nothing.

Hope says she was created in the image of the Living God.
That she was knitted by His hands in her mother's womb.
Hope says God knew her before she was born.

When the world says her transfer is imminent,
Hope says its a long way to September.

When the world says it would take a lot of money,
Hope says Our God owns the cattle on a thousand hills.
And He owns the universe too.

The world says, "There are plenty of healthy kids here in America too, you know."
Hope says someone will see that beautiful, sad face and say

Hope says Her ransom will be raised, and she will know the love of a family, and fulfill her God-given purpose on this earth.

The world says it can't be done. Just forget about her.

Hope says, I may not be able to do it alone. But I don't go alone. He who has set a good work in my heart will finish it. My God is with me, and He is bigger than the cost, bigger than the red tape, bigger than my fears. He will not leave me.

A Perfect Lily is raising money to get Albina adopted and away from the danger of the mental institution she is headed for when she turns 5 on September 20.
She has Down Syndrome and a Septal Defect.

Through the month of May, an anonymous donor is giving her a matching grant. If she recieves $5,000, her grant will actually be $10,000. Currently, it is up to $2964.

There are some awesome prizes being given away too. But more importantly, there is a family for this girl somewhere who will be able to bring her home where she belongs.
She will be the winner.
Will you be her hope?

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