Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Koi Day!

Today after church we all went and helped Queenie pick out some new Koi for her ponds.

(Not these Koi...)

The kids each got to pick one out. Ethan named his Batman, which is also the name of the one he got last year. Charlotte named hers Ice.

Then we went to a cemetary.
I don't really know why. But it was interesting.
How many Brickers can you spot in the tree?

Then my camera card was full because I can never remember to take the pictures off.

Then we went back to the Brickers for lunch and a day of playing on the new Playground and watching Grandpa clean out the little pond. We found another turtle- he (she?) is about the size of a Quarter and Ethan named it Long Tail, because it has a long tail.
Then we found a green snake and a fat toad in a tree hole.
We took a walk around the big pond and fed bread to the catfish, played frisbee, climbed the apple trees and played with some more cousins back at Aunt Judy and Uncle Bob's.
Such a lovely day to be outside!

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