Sunday, January 16, 2011


Charlotte threw up in church today. Actually, up in the cry room. I had kept her in church with us until she started crying because her tummy hurt. I knew what was coming, it seems she is more prone to throwing up than the boys. Luckily only 8 or 9 people saw. And they were really nice and cleaned it up and helped me get Jeremiah. They didnt act grossed out at all, which reminded me how thankful I am for our little church family.
I thought the flu thing had bypassed us, but I guess we are in for it now. She has been sick all day, poor thing.

(And yes, Liz, if you are reading this, that trash can is from church.
I stole it from church. If you can lose your salvation mopping your kitchen, I think I'm in big trouble :)

And thank you Crystal for taking care of MissionFriends- you are awesome!


  1. ooo yuck no fun! She does look so precious all snuggled on the coach though =)

  2. Aww I hope she feels better soon and it doesn't hit the rest of you.

  3. Poor thing, we have been there done that and it is miserable. Hope the rest of you are spared. Love you!