Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nothing Really...

is what we've been doing.

Charlotte is feeling better. Although she seems to have something going on with her nose
Its spread to Ethan now too.

"Wubby Dutty" came for tea today. It was the last thing he ever did...

Charlotte crafted this Robber Alarm the other day

Last weekend

We didnt last long what with those gloves. Maybe we will get another chance this weekend.

And by-the-by, when did playing in the snow go from fun to work? I used to love playing outside. Now, its:
1. Endure 3 hours of "Can we go outside now?" "No, wait until Caden takes a nap"
2. Get Caden asleep or otherwise distracted so he doesnt see us sneaking out the door
3.get appropriate clothes on everyone
4.remove charlottes clothes so she can use the bathroom
5. put clothes back on
6.Find any hats/gloves/etc that will work
7. stealthily head towards the door
9. Get the dang carrots
10. Get Caden to go back to sleep
11. Get outside, only to find that the snow is too dry to make a snowman
12. make some snow angels
13. Take a walk to the backyard
14.Eat snow on the way
15. "Charlotte where are your gloves?"
16. "Well they got snow on them so I dont want to wear them!"
17. Give my gloves to Charlotte
18. "These dont fit me!"
19.Find all gloves now strewn about the backyard
20.Herd everyone back in, protesting and crying
21. Remove all the snow clothes
22.Break out the cookie dough and a movie.


  1. I totally agree! Playing in the snow was a lot more fun when I wasn't the Mom!

  2. Ha ha I love it! Bring them over here so we can go sledding!

  3. Oh my goodness! Ethan looks like his uncle Danny in those glasses! What a bunch of cutie pies! Miss you all so much!