Monday, October 25, 2010

School, and an Announcement!

I realized I haven't been sharing much of what we've been doing in school. Partly because I've had other things on my mind, and partly because we haven't been doing that much school.
But, last week, we really dug in and it was a lot of fun. We finally got our schoolroom all cleaned out and made up and we really like it alot. It's small but cozy, and all of our school stuff in one room makes Mommy not such a scatterbrain.

We are learning about the Mayflower and the Pilgrims right now. I hope to spread it out so that we will end this subject at Thanksgiving. So right now, we are focusing on the Mayflower, what it was like to be on it, who the people were and why they were leaving their homes, and where they were going. I'm working on getting Ethan to say they came to America, instead of Africa. Poor kid- thinks Missouri and Africa are the only places in the whole world.

We have special words. I tell him what they are, but he says every letter.

Then I hang it up and give him some paper and he copies it and writes his name.

He drew a picture from his little picture bible:

See under the pilgrim? The left page is Moses holding the 10 Commandments. I thought that was pretty clever. That book wasn't even in the room at the time.

I wrote out his bible verse and taped it to the window. Then I taped another piece of paper over it so he could trace it.

Then we "packed" suitcases with things we would want to take with us on the Mayflower:

Ethan: Butter, Cat food (for the cat he would take), hershey kisses, Olay Regenerist Anti- Aging stick( he thought it was an "awesome flashlight") and fruit.

Charlotte: A guinea pig, birds, a bunny rabbit, pollen, farm animal plaques, and some fried egg-asparagus concoction.

I really want to focus on his letters and writing this year.I don't have a set curriculum, I am just trying to make it fun and engaging. He seems to be liking it so far.

And the announcement:

The first week or so of November, we will be holding a }}HUGE{{ adoption advocacy giveaway here on the ol' blog. Trust me, you will not want to miss this. If you are adopting, or know someone who is adopting, if you love orphans, or you just love really really cool and awesome stuff, become a follower now so you won't miss a thing!
And that is all I am telling you for now.You will just have to check this blog out like, everyday, to hear anything more about it. My lips are zipped.
But it's gonna be awesome!

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  1. Jessie, I love your creativity! Those sweet children of yours will never be bored and will be soooo smart! Love you!