Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Love Wins Giveaway- What it's all about

What does Love Wins mean, anyway?

A. Satan tempted Adam and Eve into sin, thus beginning the downward spiral of man into sin known as the Fall. God loved the world so much that He gave His son Jesus to save us from our sins and redeem us to Himself, because without Jesus, we could never look upon the glory of God. Jesus has already defeated Satan, and will someday return to reclaim what was always His.
Love Wins.

B. Poverty, Abuse, Neglect, HIV/AIDS, Starvation, Disease, and Disaster have left 147 Million children without parents in the world today. These are all signs of a fallen world. Satan uses these things to hurt, despair, and destroy, and to scare people away from loving the needy. But because of our Lord's adoption of us as His own children, we understand the importance of love and belonging. We know we are not orphaned from God, we are His, and He has ransomed us to Himself. This is the catalyst for most adoptions and nearly all Orphan Care programs-to love as God loves us, without regard to race, nationality, color, language, wealth, health, status, or location.
Love Wins.

C. It costs an absurd amount to adopt. Every adopting family knows this. Every friend or relative of adopting families know this. There are mountains of redtape and financial hurdles to get through to bring a child into a family. Satan uses this all the time to make families believe they could never afford to adopt, all the while luring them into self-gratifying excess. But God owns the cattle on a thousand hills. He breathed the stars and calls them by name. God has all the money in the world and uses it in mysterious ways to put "the least of these" in families, where He, and I, and You, know they belong. He provides every penny, on time, and in full. He never bounces a check or goes bankrupt, and his storehouses never close. Satan tempts us into lust, excess, and debt. God may call on you when it is the least convenient, the hardest, or the "Just not the right time" but He blesses the humble, the needy, and the obedient and allows them to do crazy awesome things for His kingdom, despite their financial circumstances, because His heart is for the orphan.
Love Wins.

Our daughter's name is Zoey. You can read more about my feelings on her here. We don't know who she is yet, but we sure love her.
We started Butterflies for Zoey to help raise money to bring here home. You might want to read more about that here. As part of that project, we are running a huge giveaway open to anyone who donates to it.

Here are the rules:

1. The giveaway will start Monday, November 8th and end at midnight Thursday, November 11. Friday I will post all the winners.
2. Anyone can get one entry by becoming a follower. If you are already a follower, you can still get this entry, so dont worry!
3. For every $10 donated to Butterflies for Zoey, you will get 1 entry. You can donate $10 as many times as you can stand. You will get 1 entry every single time.
4. After you have donated $10 or more, you can get more entries by posting a link on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or whatever other social media sites that I am not cool enough to know about. These will get you 1 entry each. You can do this every day if you like and get 1 entry every time.
5. The way I will be able to keep track of all these entries is this: You must leave a comment stating which one(s) you did. Otherwise, I will not know. You can leave them all in one comment on the last day, or do it every day, or however you want to do it, just don't forget!I will leave the post about the giveaway up on the blog all 4 days so you will know where to leave your comment(s).
6.This is a lot of rules, isn't it?
7. Your name will be drawn for a random prize. Due to the high number of prizes available, I will have to just randomly select one name for each , or one for each group whatever may be the case. So you won't be able to request a specific prize- sorry. Its just a lot easier this way.
8. I can only ship prizes to the US.

Here are just a few of the things you could win:


The Kleo Sling

Coffee Cup Cuff - Africa

View cookbook-...jpg in slide show
Ethiopian Adoption Gifts in Amharic - As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord

That's just, like, a fraction of all the prizes available. You won't want to miss it!
Stay tuned...


  1. I am now a follower! Good luck with bringing your baby home!

  2. I am now a follower! Thanks for emailing me about your fundraiser.