Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fredrick the Chicken (Conversations with Ethan)

Fredrick the Chicken
A Story by Ethan.

Once there was a chicken named Fredrick. He lived in a barn. He was a mother.
So he went out one day and the daddy chicken watched the babies. She heard a noise and did not know what to do so she went to see what it was.
And it was a shark! Just swimming in the water. It was two sharks and an alligator and they tried to bite one of her feathers off. So she got a stick and stabbed them and they died.
The end.

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  1. makes sense in his mind! I love that little boy. Yesterday we were riding in the back of Matthew's truck and Ethan wanted to stand and I wanted him to sit. So being the little manipulator he is he invited me to stand up with him because it was FUN. I said that I probably shouldn't because I was old. You understand risk of broken hip and all. He replied with "Oh Queen E, you are not old. I think you are just lovely." Guess who got to stand up!:)