Friday, August 27, 2010

State Fair Part 3... and the answer

Sorry this wasn't up earlier,Our internet was out and I am sick yet again. So here it is finally, the final segment of our trip...

Concentrate...concentrate...don't blink!
See, Queenie has the right idea, just needs something a little more indestructable...
This thing was really cool, lots of balls and things whirling and zinging around.
(creepy British Accent) "But Mum, I am your daughter..." does anyone remember that movie?

Just before we left, we stopped in a nice shady place and had some funnel cakes.

and burned off some energy.

"Here mama, this piece is yummy, you can have it."

Everybody gets some.

"What kind of shoe hitches a ride?"

A Loafer!
Hahaha get it? Because its lazy? And it loafs around?

Sorry if you were anticipating something better than that.
Thanks for spending our day with us! Now who's ready for a nap?

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