Monday, February 15, 2010

What do Monster Trucks, Gladiators, and Getting My Ears Pierced Have in Common?

Well, besides both inflicting pain and looking cool...

It's how we spent our weekend.
Ethan is four!
I can't believe it. Becky and Dave sent him a Gladiator costume, which he spent nearly the entire weekend in. He is not Ethan when he has it on. He is Octavius and must be called so or he gets quite upset. .

On Sunday Jeremiah took him to see the Monster Truck Show with Papa, Uncle Danny, Uncle Tim and the cousins. I got my ears pierced and Caden got his picure taken. Then Jeremiah took me out for a romantic evening of dinner and grocery shopping. What a Stud Muffin my man is.

And today Papa bought Ethan cowboy boots and a cowboy hat, which he will get at his party next week- which all are invited to by the way. Unless of course we don't know you because you came across this blog looking for something else entirely. In which case, maybe you could call first.

Hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day and a good Monday!

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