Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I found it.
Thank goodness you all will not have to give up your semi-daily dose of my humor and wit. Close call, right?
So here is the first installment of "A Very Bricker Christmas"
Part One: Christmas Eve.
by Jessie.
A long time ago, well 3 years to be precise, after hurrying around on Christmas day- from our house to my dad's house, to my mom's house, to the Brickers' and back to my dad's and back to the Brickers' we decided that from then on, we would only go to my parents' houses on Christmas Eve, and only spend Christmas day with Jeremiah's family. So this is what our Christmas Eve 2009 looked like:

At my mom's:

What do you get when you mix sprinkles, icing, and elves of various sizes?

This. Yum.

Not to brag but mine's the green snowman/zombie thing with the teddy bear.

After a very good dinner(chili, not cookies), it was time to open presents.


Princess apparel and banana.

Bouncy ball balloon things.

At my dad's:

They all waited so patiently and quietly while the presents were passed out. No tearing,no peeking, no fighting. It was freakishly weird, but in a good way.

Phew, it's ok- they are normal after all. No worries.
Next up: Part 2: Christmas Day and Our Weekend at the Bricker's

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