Thursday, November 5, 2009


Is what this today's post is.

I can't think of anything to write.

I have Blogger's Block.

I saw this spider on my backsplash the other day. I was about to smash her when I noticed what she was doing. She was collecting the little black bugs that have flown in through the window screen earlier this week. The ones I can't get rid of for anything and that are the reason I can't open the windows during this streak of beautiful weather we've been enjoying.
She was collecting them and wrapping them up and eating them. So I let her live.
Except now I can't find her.
Which also reminds me: we've had no more mice (that we know of).
(Just in case you were wondering)
I know you were just dying for an update.
It also made me think of the intricacies of nature. It's just amazing if you stop and think about it. No one taught her to spin a web, yet she does it perfectly everytime, and she knows what to do with it, without getting stuck in it herself.
I'm always getting trapped by my own webs.
Figuratively speaking of course.
You may be thinking- "if she freaks out over a mouse, why would she not just kill the spider and be done with it?"
Well- I think it's because of a couple of things:
1. Im pretty sure she was a girl spider, not that I got a good look, but ever since Charlotte's Web, I've just always assumed spiders were female. So I guess I felt sort of a bond with her. I know- it's weird (and illogical). But hey, that's me.
2. She was serving a purpose. I don't like cleaning those things up. They bite.
3. I draw the line at rodents.

Caden is laughing now. It's the cutest thing ever. He's starting to like being tickled.
And he rolled over. I didn't get to see it, because I was on my hands and knees cleaning up an entire sippy cup full of chocolate milk in the kitchen.
Oh well, at least Jeremiah was there.

"He's gonna break some hearts, I tell ya."

"By smooth talk and flattery they decieve the minds of naive people." Romans 16:18

It starts with her brother's paci. Soon it will be the car keys and clothes. Mark my words.


  1. This smile-rendering blog is absolutely the best thing on the net! I have the best kids and grandkids in the world. Thanks Jessie! Mom/Nomi

  2. I would have to second that last comment! I would just add 2 words, cutest, sweetest, funniest, lovingest, happiest, funnest, kids and grandkids, in the world! okay okay I know that is more than 2 but I just couldn't stop!
    Queen E