Monday, November 2, 2009

Not Halloween...

Instead of celebrating Halloween, we got together Saturday night with a bunch of friends and family at Liz and Kevin's house. It was loud and crazy and lots of fun. It's really awesome that so many people of so many age groups can hang out together and have such a great time.
All the kids played hide and seek in the woods. The boundaries were marked with tiki torches (or "Cheeky Chorches" as Ethan calls them) which looked both spooky and dreamy at the same time.

We talked.

We ate.

We crossed the boundaries of personal space for the entertainment of others.

Ethan adores these guys.

Very rarely will you see a picture of me on here, so get a good long look.
(That's me on the right)

White Trash. That's what it's called. And it's good with a capital G-O-O-D.

Cookie Monster. She gets it from her Uncle Matthew.

"You takin' good care of my little girl?"
"Sir Yes Sir!"

Party Pooper.

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