Saturday, October 31, 2009

Roaring River Part 2

As promised, here are some pictures from our trip last weekend:

The cabins were really nice. They had all the amenities of home.

Like doors.


And big cabinets.

You know- the crucial things that make you ache for home.

"Hey there handsome!How about a smooch?"

"No thanks, I don't like fake girls."

Friday night. I love Renee and JRs' expressions.

Shopping Saturday.

Jeremiah and I ate here on our honeymoon.


"Bath Junkie."

Don't tell anyone, but on our honeymoon, Jeremiah went here and made me some yummy girly bath stuff. As in, picked out all the scents and colors and stuff. That's love right there, folks.

Now its "Fix me dinner, WOMAN!"

But that's another post.

Waiting for Queenie and Renee so us girls could do some shopping without the kids.

What a Cutie Pie. Those green things are flowers he picked for me.

"Is this hotdog all beef? Because I taste chicken!"

It took 437 tries to get this shot.

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