Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dear Terrible Twos:
I would like to thank you* for taking my sweet, chubby, angel faced baby girl and turning her into a 15 year old over the last few months. And not a nice 15 year old. A mean one. A bossy, crabby, stubborn one. I love hearing her say "I don't want to" 7,000 times a day. Its really endearing and cute*.

The lying really never gets old either*.

Also, a big shout out to whatever hormones you secretly implanted in her while I wasn't looking. She cries more than any newborn baby or pregnant woman I have ever known.

I hope you aren't planning on sticking around long. I mean- the last few months have been awesome*, but come on, I really want my baby back.
And I ain't talkin' ribs. So go away, Terrible Twos.
Pretty Please.
Just go.

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