Monday, October 19, 2009

Today's Post has Nothing to Do With My Kids...

But if you want to see some embarrassing photos of me as a kid, please- read on.

So this weekend finally, after years of inner struggling and gnashing my teeth and hemming and hawing, I went and got my eyes checked.
I know that most people who read this blog have never seen me in glasses. But, from Kindergarten until about 5th grade, I wore them every day. That was fun.
And no, I don't wear contacts. I just decided one day that I didn't need them anymore, which may have been correct, but mostly I think it had to do with the fact I was late for school and couldn't find them. And thus, the butterfly emerged from her cocoon.
And now, nearly 16 (wow) years later, that butterfly will soon be able to see where she is flying-uh, driving.
So here are a few little morsels from my childhood with glasses.

Please, have mercy on me.

This is one of my favorite pictures of me. In this case, the glasses actually enhance the cuteness. My mom made the dress. I think the was in kindergarten. I loved that metal purse/lunchbox thing and carried it everywhere.

I think I was a little too old to be visiting Santa here. By the looks of it, I was probably 8-9 in this one.
It's hard to tell , but those are pastel teddy bears dancing in the clouds all over my sweatshirt. A sweatshirt with a collar. And baggy stonewashed jeans.

Here's another Christmas one. This one's not as much about my glasses, as about that 2 sizes too big neon chalk printed outfit (check out the pants) monstrosity my sister was wearing. Hi Becky!

One year I was a clown for Halloween.
But this one... oh this one takes the cake. I wish you could see it in person to get the whole effect.
Before you see it though, I'd like to present a list of excuses for why this "look" isn't my fault.
1. It was around 1992, so technically, I guess it could be worse.
2. My mom made the outfit.
3. It was the first day of school, so I wanted to make an impression.
4.There was something horribly wrong with the camera so as to make my ponytail (in a matching scrunchie) appear to be off-center of my head.
5.Um, hmmm. My mom made the outfit.
Prepare yourselves...

There was an unusually and inappropriately large amount of elastic used to construct this stunning piece.
And lace.
Also buttons.
Those are eyelet slip-ons, in case you can't see the detail. And this is ALL ONE PIECE. Meaning I had to put my feet in and pull it up, much like a baby jumper.
I think Greenpeace would object to the amount of cotton harvested to make this outfit.


  1. I'm just missing my New Kids On The Block salad-plate-sized button! Maybe I left it in my NKOTB backpack...

  2. Jessie they are darling and your Mom is a doll. Think of the hours of work and love she put in those outfits. We all have pictures like that. We have pics of K & K in plaid pants about 5 inches too short. They hate them.

  3. I still have the orange gingham dress and the floral one piece! Maybe Charlotte will like them. Anyway, I loved sewing for my kids. What wonderful memories I have!

  4. The last comment was from Pam, aka Mom, aka Nomi.

  5. I love the glasses, I love the clothes, I love the hair, mostly though I love you and your ability to make me laugh! REALLY and HONESTLY I had several of those cute one piece jumper thingys and I LOVED THEM. THink about it! you don't have to give any thought as to whether or not your pants match your shirt!