Wednesday, October 14, 2009

If You Let Your Husband Get a Bow for His Birthday...

Your little boy will want one too. He will use all his creative brainpower to make one- A thomas the Train push bar, a stray net from the Elefun game he got for Christmas,

And a pipe cleaner. For the release.

Once he has constructed his "Amazin" new bow, he will need a case to carry it in. This is where the cover for the carseat comes in. Never mind that its 40 degrees and you may need to take the baby out at some point this week.

You keep reminding yourself it's a small sacrifice for engaging and expanding the imagination of your first born. Or something like that.

When he has the essential hunting equipment together, and he's ready to go and shoot anything that moves, he'll suddenly remember that he hasn't got any gum. So he'll find the first thing his daddy wouldnt want him to lose, like the cell phone holder.

"That will do just fine," he'll say.

And then you will look upon the apple of your eye, and shudder to think what your husband will want for Christmas.

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