Friday, December 13, 2013

Conversations with Charlotte and Caden

Charlotte to Ethan: " You look like an angry horse eating a carrot."

 Charlotte: "One time, on my Queenie date, Grandpa got SO hungry, he had to make his OWN DINNER! His OWN Dinner. He had to make it HIMSELF!"

Caden: " How do people get old?"
Me: "Well, God made us to start out new as babies and then we grow and grow and after we've grown a long time, then we are old."
Caden:" Is Ethan going to be old sometime?"
Me: "Yep and you and Charlotte and Judah will too."
Caden: "That will be funny when we are all old and we all live together with you!"
Me: "Are you going to live with us when you are older?"
Caden: " Maybe. I don't think I want to be married. I just don't like being married."
Charlotte: "I don't know if Im going to get married either. 'Cause I want to do whatever I want to."
Caden: "Well you dont have to get married if you dont want 'cause Im not."
Charlotte: "And I can visit you all the time!"
Caden: "We can live next door!"

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