Sunday, November 17, 2013

Back to Where it All Began

Did you go outside today? It was nice and warm but boy was it windy. At one point in the Aldi parking lot my hair swirled around my face and straight up in the air like it was being sucked into a vacuum cleaner. I'm sure my kids weren't the only ones that pointed and laughed. 

But last week we went to the park on a beautiful day and got cured of some major cabin fever-full moon crazies

And even though we did do a little bit of schoolwork (nature journals) it was still a lot of fun.

I didn't notice at the time that she was trying to keep her skirt up (down?). She's a rough and tumble tomboy but she's a lady too.

This is the same bench I got proposed to on. 9 long, long...long years ago. 

"But where was us?" Caden asked

"Whobody was watching us?"

Oh yes I did. 
Let the record show that Ethan said " MOM! Don't show this to anyone ok?" 

Look its a slide!


It amazes me how much of a multitasker I really am. 
1. Hanging on to baby
2. Taking his picture
3. In focus


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