Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Kids Garden in a Picture Frame

I helped the kids make their own garden this week in the alley. I had an old frame that I had wanted to get rid of. I thought- hey that would make a cute little faux raised bed garden.

And that wasn't even a Pinterest thing!
They were really excited about it.

Adding eggshells for calcium.

They each planted a lettuce and there is a tomato plant in there too. We might have to make another one and transplant the tomato because I'm thinking the lettuce will take over pretty quick. They picked out a strawberry plant and the other is a begonia.

And what do you know. The next day it was the first of all the strawberries to flower.
And this guy is too little to plant. But he's not to little to eat dirt. He loves being outside. As close to naked as is socially acceptable, breeze blowing through that awesome hair of his.

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