Saturday, May 25, 2013


Tonight I cracked open Judah's baby book for the first time. He's 11 months and 6 days old. Its a wonder there is anything to put in it-I feel like this last year has been a total blur.

Where does the time go?

Of course, I have to get all my pictures from Facebook because I don't have a camera. He'll be lucky if I get a few printed out (someday).

He is just learning to scoot along on his hiney. He only army crawls. No pulling up, no real crawling, nothing. He's just not interested. He's got the rest of the kids trained to do his bidding. He's actually a real baby genius.

He can say mama though. And bababa which can mean toy, hello, food, now!, look at how content I am, book, dada, mama, and i like the breeze blowing though my hair. He does have amazing hair. The kids say its like "a sea and a fort."  The windows were down in the car today and the breeze blew in and it all stood up like a terribly cute toupe. He squealed with delight.

And he sucks his thumb which is adorable. And he takes great naps. And goes to bed at night without a fuss.
He's learning to like grass. But he absolutely hates baths, and I'm pretty sure water in general. He loves to eat and has never once acted like he disliked anything he's been given.
All in all he's a pretty great little boy!

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