Friday, August 24, 2012

Roaring River Day 1

Last week, all the Brickers went to Roaring River State Park for the whole week! It was our Christmas present from Liz and Kevin, my inlaws.
We have a new car- a Suburban which is super nice and even has a dvd player which nobody likes at all. I heard Ethan whisper to Charlotte, with a huge grin,as they were putting on their headphones, "It's like we're teenagers!"

It's like they've never seen a tv before. 

Ethan plays checkers really well. He tried to teach Charlotte, but she has her own rules.

What's better than a bed that pulls out of the wall?

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  1. I love these pictures Jessie! Ethan's comment was so cute. I'm so happy you guys had such a great time! Love, Mom/Nomi