Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I woke up this morning and couldn't find my ankles...

I can't believe this little bug is going to be THREE this summer. Wow. He's still my baby though. I baby him way too much.

He never picks up his toys.

He rarely gets in trouble.

I still carry him all around.

But in a few months he won't be the actual baby of the family and I have mixed feelings about that. I'm wondering how he will cope. I'm wondering how I will deal with him figuring out his place.

Ethan and Charlotte had a hard time when he was born figuring out their places. Oh, it was HARD on all of us. But eventually they worked it out and then it was wonderful.

Caden loves to talk about baby Judah...

"Baby Judah num out now?"

"I tiss baby Judah!"

"Baby Judah num out-BOOM!"

"Baby Judah dis little?"

He goes between wanting to be the baby, or asking if he's the baby, or insisting he's the baby and wanting to be a big boy.

I'm not as nervous about having 4 as I was about having 3. I mean, surely 4 can't be that much harder than 3 right? And Ethan and Charlotte help out alot. They have taken over buckling Caden in his carseat and unbuckling him, which helps me out a lot as I tend to get out of breath just getting into my seat, let alone crawling in and wrangling a toddler.


  1. Awww, what a sweet picture. Happy almost birthday!

  2. I don't think you need to be concerned about Caden st all. Caden has shown repeatedly that he is a "helper", is independent even though the baby and is generous with his affection. Ethan and Charlotte continue to teach Caden about sharing and love for JP. Caden(and Ethan and Charlotte) will retain his place and won't
    feel replaced by JP. Everyone will see to that! When Becky was born, then Danny, I had you, then you and Becky, involved in helping me with newcomers and continued to give each of you important individual time with me, just as you have done with yours. Not once did any of you display any indication of issues. You are an excellent mother honey and Jeremiah an excellent dad. Everything will be fine. Not to worry! Love, Mom