Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ethan is 6!

Monday was Ethan's 6th birthday. It was quite the day. Jeremiah wanted to take him to see the Star Wars 3D movie, but he threw his back out scraping the only snow we have had all winter long off the car, so we all went to the chiropractor instead.

He got an awesome light saber and some matchbox cars and I made him a Chewbacca doll (action figure?) I saw on Pinterest.

We did a little school. We are learning about birds this week, and we dissected (synthetic) owl pellets and found a starling skeleton. I remember doing this in school with the real things. Pretty fun.

He spent the rest of the day practicing using the Force on everyone. Charlotte was more than happy to be the Droid and was very dramatic about it too. He barely touched her with it, but she played Being Destroyed very convincingly.

This one has nothing to do with E's birthday but I just couldnt resist.

Today we just lounged around enjoying Jeremiah's time off. I feel bad that he hurt his back, but it sure was nice to get to spend the extra time with him.

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  1. I love the picture at the end w Caden leaning on Jeremiah. So sweet.