Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Good Work Ethic is Hard to Find, and Sometimes So Is a Turtle

It seems that kids these days don't appreciate the value of hard work.
That's why you really need to force it until they do.
Jeremiah commissioned Ethan to help him start scraping the house last weekend.
Get back to work!

Once she heard there was money involved, Charlotte decided she'd like some of that action too.
Daddy's money?
Yes Please.
She's her mama's girl.

Don't they all look nice out there.
What's that, where were Caden and I during all this educational life experience?

In the shade. Doing a little of this.

And a little of that.

After all, it was warm.
See, Caden is too young for physical labor. Occasionally we may refer to him as "The Golden Child" because...well, he gets away with alot and he's cute and cuddly and will sit on my lap for more than 2 seconds and let me kiss him and tickle him.
I don't play favorites, but man is he cute.
Plus, we only have 3 scrapers. So that's why I babysit. Plus I didn't spend hours under sweet sedation bringing these children into the world for nothing.
And I had alot to think about that day. So, get off my back will ya?

Its a lesson the older 2 will remember with fondness when they are not lazy couch potato
25 year old slackers.

Caden, well, he can live forever with us if that's what his little heart desires.

See, already our efforts are paying off. Charlotte asked to make Ethan's lunch!

Unfortunately after lunch, the desire to be like daddy proved too much for my poor wittle baby.

But it was too late. Satisfaction at being useful for once had already set in.

Oh well. I still have these babies. Which do virtually nothing. Turns out turtles need sunshine so we brought them out to give them exercise.

Now they actually don't "do nothing." They've been very busy trying to escape lately. At least Toadtipper has. Long Tail hasn't quite caught on, but I sense a reptilian mutiny on the horizon.

Exhibit A.
And B.

I think its time to let them go.
It will be a sad day for sure.
Not for me. Because they stink, although they are fun to talk to while I cook.
But they are quite difficult to spot and contrary to popular belief, pretty speedy little things.


  1. Absolutely darling - every bit brought a smile inside and out! Thank you Jessie. I love your blog! Mom/Nomi

  2. who is the fat guy in your post what a slob